Our Services

Makki Masjid is open for all of the five daily prayers as well as Friday and Eid prayers. During the daytime, the main prayer hall can be used for reading the Quran and quiet contemplation. The main prayer hall can accommodate over 500 people.  There is a dedicated room just for women for praying and social activities.

During Ramadan, the congregational taraweeh paryers are performed.  You may also perform late night prayers (Qiyam-ul-lail) in the mosque.  The mosque also provides the believing men and women with facilities to perform ‘itikaaf’ in the masjid during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Eid and Friday sermons are delivered in English, Urdu or Arabic. 

There are regular study circles held in mosque for Quran, Hadith and fiqh both for men and women.

Between Monday and Friday, for boys and girls, evening madrasa is held to teach Quran tajweed, Hifz and basic Fiqh.

Muslim Converts

As awareness and knowledge of Islam increases more and more people are being guided to accept Islam as their religion. Some of these converts face difficulties and pressure from friends and family who may shun them. Makki Masjid seeks to provide advice, support and friendship to these reverts.

Marriage solemnisation

For Muslim communities, marriage is an event of great joy and celebration. The Makki Masjid facilitates the solemnisation of an Islamic contract of marriage. The ‘nikah’ ceremony is performed by one of the appointed Imams and the couple is provided with an official ‘nikah’ certificate to show they have been married according to Islamic Law.

The main hall can be used for Waleema (wedding feast). 

Funeral Service
For Muslims, offering prayer to God for the deceased is “fard kifaya” (communal duty).  At Makki Masjid, the ‘janazah’ funeral prayers can be offered for any deceased Muslim according to religious guidelines.